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Introducing Anime

Starting an Anime Club of Your Own Occasionally, people ask us for advice on how to start an anime club. Since our club is nearing two decades old, we don't remember how; things were different then, anyway. However, we've scraped together a little advice, and put it here. (Maintained by MIT Anime)

Anime Encyclopedias and Resources

Anime News Network EncyclopediaOne of the Internet's most popular anime-related online news services provides its own extensive encyclopedia as well as a collection of editorials and reviews.
AnimeNfoAn active anime online community featuring user rankings and reviews.
AniDB An up-to-date anime database made easily searchable.
MyAnimeListCommunity that allows users to keep track of their collections and watch lists while interacting with other fans.

Anime Cultural Resources

A Global History of Anime A four-part primer on the medium's history from the American anime distributor RightStuf.
Japanese Cultural References in Anime A page of notes about cultural items, mores, and practices that you'll see in anime which might make you curious. (Maintained by MIT Anime; under construction)
Anime-Related Books List of books on anime and manga available in MIT libraries. (Links to Barton library catalog search.)

Aids for Learning Japanese

MIT Japanese Language ProgramWebsite for MIT's Japanese program, with curriculum materials and study aids for students of the language.
Jim Breen's Japanese Page A fantastic link-collection by the creator of XJDICT, the online Japanese dictionary resource. Features links to interesting sites, links to information on computing in Japanese, links to software (such as Kanji drill tools, a Japanese dictionary for your computer, educational resources, cultural resources and more.

MIT and Anime

MIT References in Anime The Institute features in many series, particularly as the alma mater to numerous characters; this page is dedicated to listing various MIT anime references. (Maintained by MIT Anime)
Anime-related MIT Classes Many subjects offered at MIT may help to establish a context for viewing anime. This page keeps track of such classes for the current school year. (Maintained by MIT Anime)
Anime-Related Books List of books on anime and manga available in MIT libraries. (Links to Barton library catalog search.)

MIT Anime-Related Organizations

MIT-Japan ProgramThe MIT-Japan program's primary mission has been to oversee the training of MIT science, engineering, and management students in Japanese language and culture and to place them in Japanese companies, universities, and government organizations for internships.
Japanese Association of MIT (JAM)An organization for Japanese students, researchers, and faculty, their family, and friends. Open to all who are interested in Japan and its culture.
MIT Science Fiction SocietyHome of the largest open-shelf lending library of science fiction in the world.

Local Anime-Related Organizations

Anime BostonThis local annual 3-day anime convention happens to be one of the largest in New England and runs many popular events and guests each year.
Boston Comic-conBi-annual comic convention with some anime- and manga-related dealers.
The Harvard Anime SocietyHarvard University's anime club, which hosts weekly Saturday showings on-campus.
Boston University Anime Club Boston University's anime club, which hosts weekly Friday showings on-campus.

Local Anime and Manga Stores

Tokyo KidIn Harvard Square Garage, second floor in the back. A general anime store, with both import and domestic merchandise. They also sell anime DVDs and have a decent selection of rentals.
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Million Year PicnicIn a Harvard Square basement across and next to Wordsworth Books. One of the country's best comic book stores, with a constantly improving selection of translated manga, plus a lot of anime art books.
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Comicopia In Kenmore Square, on the south side of Comm. Ave, near the overpass. An excellent comic book store in Kenmore Square.
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Newbury ComicsCarries a lot of translated manga, some anime DVDs, and a lot of anime action figures.
Porter ExchangeNear the Porter Square T stop, on Mass. Ave., about a block back toward Harvard Square. Indoor complex full of small Japanese restaurants serving ramen and udon, sushi, takoyaki and other yummy stuff. Also has a few small shops with Japanese ceramics and textiles.
Super 88  A sizeable Asian supermarket, with an Asian food court in the same building.
Sasuga Japanese Bookstore(no location)Online bookstore which carries manga, books and magazines. They also sell products in the dealers' room at AnimeBoston.
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